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I plan to raise my children to eat vegan, and then eventually raw vegan.

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But the thing is, it won't be strict. I'm still not a full raw vegan, but I eat what works well for me. For someone else it could be different. What I do know is that eating mostly cooked foods and meats does not provide the optimal nutrition. So I will instill in my children that vegan/raw is the general nutritional source that should be followed. Any variations they might have will be according to what they feel best eating. This all goes with how it's not a diet and more of a lifestyle. And lifestyles of course are personal and flexible.
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Just a chip in on that one ..

To the best of my understanding childrens optimal nutritional requirements are slightly different to adults?

I think they need more fats and sugars. It may be that that is behind some of the horror stories of 'muesli malnutrition'.

Could be wrong but worth checking out?
Children & babies do need more fat. Avocado is a great (overt) source, as are coconut and nuts; most other foods *do* have fat in them.
That's great that you're raising them vegan!

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And lifestyles of course are personal and flexible.
I don't agree with that, though; eating meat isn't just a personal decision- it harms other living things.

Don't forget the moral aspects, along with the health ones.

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