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i probably dont need all this sun protection (im a naturally dark tan african american) but im serious about anti-aging efforts! lol and theres a thing about scarring, but thats another issue. this year ive gotten into the habit of wearing sunscreen (almost) every day. I have spf 30 for my face and neck and spf 45 for everywhere else right now. however, id like an spf powder to wear on top of my foundation, a translucent one. They recommend that you reapply spf throughout the day, and i cant really do that on days when i wear foundation, because I would have to wash my makeup off. So my compromise is to find a powder!

Ive heard about Colorscience but its a bit pricey. Is there anything cheaper by a cruelty free company out there?

ELF has one, but ive read reviews that say the product isnt actually translucent, and has very pink/red undertones. I have very gold/yellow undertones, so that would look weird.

help me out
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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