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hey everyone! i'm fifteen. i just turned vegetarian this spring, and this summer i made the plunge into veganism. to me, it seemed to be logical (if i don't eat the animals why eat what comes out of them?). plus, i never liked milk, cheese, or eggs alone-only in recipes-which can do without them. so bascially i only had to cut out pizza, ice cream, and junk food. not a bad sacrifice! (especially because of those vegan junk food products, but i'm too cheap to buy those, anyway). i dont miss junk, i love being healthy and active.

so that's my intro. i was excited to find this website, because i live in connecticut and it is a very cold place for a vegan to be! eating out and finding health food supermarkets is hell. there was a vegan at my school but he graduated last year. i'm friends with one girl who's vegetarian but she eats fish, so basically i often feel very alone in this.

see you all around
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