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I realize that questions about fiber are asked all the time, but after searching I haven't seen many answers other than, "your body will get used to it".<br><br>
Originally, my intent was to be lacto-ovo vegetarian, because I wasn't sure if I could find suitable replacements for milk and eggs; however, I would like to keep the dairy out of my diet as well. The problem I am running across is that for a few days, I was eating over 100g of fiber. I realize there is a difference between soluable and insoluable, but I think it's a bit much for me at the moment. Is it generally a better idea for someone who needs to eat 2400+ calories a day to wait for the body to adjust before stripping out the dairy?<br><br>
Some of the staple foods in my diet are:<br><b>Fruits:</b> Bananas, Apples, Blueberries, Olive Oil, Lemon Juice<br><b>Vegetables:</b> Carrots, Broccoli, Garlic, Cayenne / Serrano Peppers<br><b>Grains:</b> Rolled/Steel Cut Oats, Quinoa (cooked or sprouted)<br><b>Legumes:</b> Lentils (cooked or sprouted), Mung Beans (sprouted), Homemade Peanut Butter (nothing added), Chickpeas (soaked for hummus), Soy Beans (milk and protein powder)<br><b>Nuts:</b> Almonds (raw and for milk)<br><b>Seeds:</b> Brown Flax Seeds (ground), Sesame seeds, ground (instead of tahini)<br><b>Herbs:</b> Cumin<br><br>
While I do eat other foods, most of these eaten almost daily.<br><br>
When sprouting lentils, is it a good idea to remove the husks? I have been doing this for mung beans.
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