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I flipped out at work tonight...

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I have been closing five days a week (That means I work until 2am) since March of 2007 at a Wendy's. I mainly work grill and I do my job well even though it is bloody as long as nobody talks to me about my choices of food and lifestyle. Well co workers seem to think they are winning points with me if they claim to feel compassion for who ever they are eating that night at dinner. They're not winning anything and I have begun to get upset. The only upside to grill is for one blessed hour I get to take off the head set and do floors. For the past week I have closed front reg/ sandwiches and then at ten I move onto pickup sandwiches...Not Grill. Tonight I flipped out. My first order on pick up was 10 singles with cheese. When I told them it was going to be five to ten minutes they laughed at me. Once I finished their order I had an anxiety attack and had to call my sister in to help me work or I was going to quit right then and there. I love all of God's creatures but I sure as heck hate fat people who don't care what they put in there congested arteries and get there kicks off of torturing people. By The Way, these same people came through earlier this week and order seven sandwiches after 10pm in our drive thru.

I already have nightmares a few times a week, wake up every few hours every night for some reason, and I've started to stutter again which I haven't done since I was little.
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That's rough. I'm feel for you. Hope tomarrow is a better day.

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Damn, they must really........ love greasy fast food, ewwww
I've had a few anxiety attacks before and they're so not fun. Just try to relax and focus on the job and block out those outside distractions. In time you'll get better at pickup sandwhich duty
Good luck!
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So, you are saying that these people are coming to the drive-thru and ordering sandwiches just to antagonize you? If that is the case, it's pretty pathetic on their part and there isn't much you can do about it seeing that it's your job. I would suggest getting some help for the anxiety issue. Panic attacks are no fun. I've had a few in the past. Since we can't change the world around us (at least not in one day) I think we need to focus on ourselves and how we react to things. It sucks that you have to work at Wendy's right now. But if this is the job you must do for the time being then the most you can do is try and do it with as much dignity as you can muster up. I'm not saying any of this is your fault. I totally sympathize with you (hugs). I just don't know what your recourse would be, short of quitting. Try to have a game plan ahead of of time as to how you can handle ignorant customers. If we are prepared and not caught off guard it helps us to react better. And if the anxiety is an issue more than just occasionally, you should see someone about it. Hope things get better for you.
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I've only been veg*n for about a year, and fortunately I don't have to work around food, but I've had jobs in the food industry in the past (before becoming veg*n), and have been thankful I no longer have to work them. Sounds like you're dealing with some real ignorant and probably cruel people, who really need to grow up. Unfortunately, there isn't anything much you can do except find other work. I'd start looking for other work right away, that way at least you are able to do something proactive. Good luck
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Those we despise are the hardest to love, indeed. Those that harm us, even more. But loving these sorts are something we must all strive to do. For nothing is quite so effective as showing love to someone who in all rights does not deserve it.

But perhaps try looking for other work?

When employment starts to cause harm to yourself for nothing but a paycheck, it might be a sign to move on.

I can empathize with your situation, as I've had an axiety attack of sorts while working at Walmart - to the point my nose started bleeding. Suffice it to say, leaving there was incredibly beneficial.

I know the job market is a pain to deal with, and jobs themselves are a pain, but keep looking.

Hope it improves, I'll keep you in prayer.

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I agree with what everyone else says here about seeing someone. Waking throughout the night and disturbed sleep in general is a classic symptom of depression. Depression and anxiety go hand in hand a lot of the time too.

I hope things work out, let us know how you're getting on.


(((HUGS))) I have an often controlled/sometimes not panic disorder and I feel for you sweetie.

I know you need money, but your job seems to be causing you a lot more harm than it's worth. Is there a way your boss could put you just on front cash or somewhere you are not preparing dead animal?

If not, maybe it's time to look for a different job that you can feel better about.

Seeing a professional for the panic is a good idea. I opted out of anti depressants, but found that cognitive therepy worked really well, as well as meditation. Whatever you need to feel better.

Hang in there.
They put me on front register and I watch overwieght people come in like the piggies to the trough to order their all meat dinners. Then their poor overwieght kids have to have a meal without any fruits or vegetables with a soda. I hate it. Yesterday someone asked me if the Baconator was any good and I just broke out laughing and said "Oh yeah I think you should get atleast three!" Normally I can delude myself into referring to meat as "Product" and it keeps my mind separated from the bloody mess I am cooking up. I do think I have done some good at work. Two college kids started exersicing a few times a week and eating grilled chicken on break instead of hamburgers. Not the best but hey they also brought fruit to go with the sandwiches. Both are losing wieght and said they are feeling so much better. I think I convinced another coworker to try mushroom burgers because she wants to eat less beef and eat healthier. And the other day this diabetic guy I work with saw I was eating a salad, an orange, a glass of soy milk, and a Gardenburger chicken sandwich and stated to himself "I need to go on a diet."

Some days I feel like I might have made a small difference and others are like I am the only sane person in a house of Nutters.

I need to finish college 0.0

Thank you guys for this site and all your support.
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If you only make a difference to one person, you've still made a difference. You should really pat yourself on the back for that - well done! *pat*
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Originally Posted by Hebecarrot View Post

.... I hate it. Yesterday someone asked me if the Baconator was any good and I just broke out laughing and said "Oh yeah I think you should get atleast three!"
Oh Hebecarrot, this made me spit out my drink I laughed so hard!!

What a terrible job!! Please, I know you are trying to get through college, but for your sanity, as others have suggested, can you start applying at other places maybe? This is really a strain on you, I so understand, but it sounds like you need work that doesn't contradict your moral values!!

Does your college have a career center maybe you could talk to (or job posting board)?

Good luck in finding somthing other than this, YOU WILL!
Uhhh, why do you work at Wendys?
Originally Posted by Doktormartini View Post

Uhhh, why do you work at Wendys?
I work at Wendy's because they hired me and my sister on the spot and could work around our old school schedule. Now that we don't attend college I have all day to work so instead of suffering from nightmares and panic attacks I'm going to try and get another job. I'm thinking a Bookstore is more my avenue or maybe a hostess? I have two days off and I am going to concentrate on getting some interviews set up soon.
Going somewhere else definitely sounds like the way to go. My decidedly non-vegetarian cousin worked at a Burger King once and has had a hard time going out for fast food since. I recommend the bookstore experience--you still have to deal with some annoying customers ("I want the book that girl on Sex and the City wrote" "Sure, it's called Satisfaction, here it is" "No, that's not it") but it's great being able to talk about and deal with books all day. Just beware if you work at a place with a cafe; you might end up making the tuna salad sandwiches.
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