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I've been a vegetarian for two years now, and ever since my grandma found out just over a year ago, she's convinced I have an eating disorder. I suppose I'd better start at the beginning; when I was an omni I was the junk food queen. I literally lived off hotdogs, microwaved mac & cheese and beef lasagne, and chocolate, so naturally I was quite chubby. However, after going veg I ditched the junk and convenience food, and switched to cooking my food from scratch, and introduced fruit and veg in my diet. I stopped snacking on chocolate and crisps late at night, and made sure my evening meal was my last meal of the day. Instantly the change was amazing. I had more energy and just felt better about myself in general, and slowly I've lost my 'chubbyness' and now I'm round about average sized, whether that's because my diet's a lot better or simply because I've finally lost my baby fat, I don't know. But my grandma seems to think that because I refuse to eat any of her processed ready meals and fast food that I'm 'damaging myself' and 'going to die'. So because I eat healthy, that means I'm going to die
. And some of the things she says are so stupid too, like a few months ago we were out shopping and she stopped at McDonald's (I haven't eaten at McDonald's in years) and asked if I wanted a burger, and when I told her that I'd already told my mum I'd be cooking dinner that night, she completley flipped, lecturing me about if I didn't start eating 'properly' soon then my body would just give up on me. So basically because I don't eat McDonald's I'm going to die
. It's driving me crazy. She's even begun lecturing my mum about getting me to see a doctor because I'm getting 'thinner', but my mum just shrugs her off. My parents know that I don't have an eating disorder, they know I don't starve myself, but my grandma just can't seem to grasp that idea.

I'm 15 years old, female, 5'1 and weigh just under 8½ stone or 105 pounds. Does that sound okay?
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