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Last night on the Amherst PBS station and tonight and tomorrow on

WGBH Boston, on "Independent Lens", a PBS program, a muskrat

skinning contest is featured. Here is the write-up about it:

Independent Lens Muskrat Lovely id=358530&parent_id=982

Every year in Golden Hill, Md., contestants gather for two

competitions in the National Outdoor Show: local high school girls

compete to become "Miss Outdoors"; and, on the same stage, the

world's best muskrat skinners compete to see who can skin the

fastest. Amy Nicholson's film is an ironic and tender look at the

yearly event of a close-knit community in a remote area of the

Chesapeake Bay.

Watch it if you can and either way let PBS et. al know what you

think of this. (We suggest you write your message in a new email or

Word file and then just copy and paste it into each of the below on-

line forms.)

Contact info:

WGBH: http://www.wgbh. org/contact/

Independent Lens: http://www.pbs. org/independentl ens/contact. html

PBS: http://www.pbs. org/ombudsman/ feedback. html

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