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I wasn't sure where else to put this so I'll put it here.

I am "cleaning" off my dresser and getting rid of alot of products. I have WAY too many. They are all great products but since I am going towards a more natural, raw lifestyle, I am trying to use only very natural things on my skin and hair. For some reason, I have accumulated a lot of moisturizing things and I don't even have dry skin. Ah well.

Anyhow, I have an auction for 19 cruelty-free (some of the products are not totally vegan and have beeswax) products. Most have mostly natural ingredients. Some are BRAND NEW, others just sampled and some half empty. I started it off real low. I am not looking to make a ton of money - I just want the products to get good use. ( I am losing alot of money on it if you look at the prices.)

Ok, I am rambling......Well you can look and see for yourself:

I am also auctioning off a pair of Loomstate organic cotton jeans. I just won them but the lady had the measurements and the style wrong so they don't fit me so I am "reselling" them. They are brand new and really nice. (FYI: these jeans usually go for like $150 so real good price!)
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