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While I'm sure some people who say they admire vegans might really not care and never try to change, I think when most people say it it shows they DO care and they do think about it they just feel weak or like they don't have the discipline or whatever.

When I was a kid I admired vegetarians but thought it looked too hard at first, and then later as a vegetarian I admired vegans but thought cheese was too good and it would be too hard and all the usual things people think. Then I got a lot of support from friends in real life and on Veggieboards and I got all sorts of tips that showed me how easy it is and I've been vegan now for roughly a couple years with no signs of ever going back.

Your friend in that quote mentioned getting free range eggs and seemed pretty guilty and embarrassed with the "I'm a terrible person" line. To me that says she DOES care otherwise she wouldn't have said any of that and wouldn't bother to pay more for eggs at all. Maybe she needs more encouragement rather than judgement? Share some recipes and food ideas, if she loves chicken nuggets so much I highly recommend getting her to try Gardein seven grain crispy tenders, they are amazing.

As a vegan you are a living breathing example that it isn't too hard and she could still have fun and enjoy delicious food while being more compassionate, so take advantage of that
This is how I feel about it, too. When people say they admire vegans, I take that at face value and as a nice thing to say. It's better than them saying vegans are freaks

And EWWWWWW to that chicken mcnugget picture! Even as an omnivore, I thought those were gross.
1 - 1 of 41 Posts
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