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Hi Tray

The Glucose Tolerance Test is fairly simple but quite boring. Bring a book, you should be at the doctor's office for at least four hours. Get a good night's sleep the night before, and get the test done early in the morning so you won't be hungry all day.

You will have to fast for a short time, my pre-test fast was only twelve hours, and I was allowed a little coffee (thank goodness, else I might have bitten someone.)

Test is as follows:

1. You get blood drawn once to see your sugar levels on an empty stomach

2. You are made to drink Glucose Drink, a syrupy sweet orange drink that

will cause you to make comical faces (HEY! KOOL-AID!)

3. You get blood drawn again in exactly one hour

4. Blood drawn again in one hour

5. Blood drawn again in one hour

That's it! Go home and eat and rest a little, unless you have other health problems you should be able to proceed with a normal day, perhaps feeling a little woozy or drained. I was lucky the waiting room was quiet, in fact I remember starting and finishing The Secret Life of Bees that day. Great book, by the way.

About a week later I was diagnosed as Insulin Resistant without Diabetes, a major symptom of my Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. I am eating like many of you here described, progress through nutrition.

Ayrlin, I like what you said: sugar is sugar is sugar. Some of us just shouldn't have it.

Good luck with your test Tray!
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