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My husband is Hungarian/Croatian and I'm Serbian/Croatian/Polish. Yes, we are uniting Yugoslavia one family at a time!

Oatmeal, I can't wait to show my H the tidbits you offered about paprika, he'll be delighted.

I'm printing out this post because there are some really yummy sounding recipes that I want to try! While it's true that most of Central/South/Eastern Europe is very meatcentric, most of the peasant cuisine is quite veg*n friendly. Also considering many of those countries are Eastern Orthodox, they go without meat, (some do fish) dairy, eggs and sometimes oil for the duration of the great fast. (AKA Lent in the Western Calender) If you are really pious, you go without meat, dairy, eggs and oil every Wednesday and Friday.

Although it's a great deal of fun to "Veg-a-tize" familiar dishes. I have veg a tized several familar dishes most with good results. (I've had a few bad dishes, but hey I'll try again) I highly reccomend, if you can get your hands on one an orthodox great fast or lenten cookbook. There are lots of adaptable and ready veg*n dishes to experiment with.

PS. This is a weird non sequitor, but my grandfather named me his meat-a-less granddaughter.


Meatless Alison
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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