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Huge AR & Vegan Reading List

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General Animal Rights:

Basil Blackwell, Edited By Peter Singer- In Defense Of Animals

Amy Blount Achor- Animal Rights- A Beginner's Guide

Doris Dixon- Memoirs Of A Compassionate Terrorist

Michael Fox- Inhumane Society

Andrew Harnack,Editor- Animal Rights Opposing Viewpoints

Charles Magel- Keyguide To Information Sources In Animal Rights

Aura Moretti- The Good Fight

Peter Singer- Animal Liberation

Jon Wynne-Tyson- The Extended Circle

Meat, Factory Farming, and Animals as Food:

Max Boas And Steve Chain- Big Mac: The Unauthorized Story Of Mcdonald's

Karen Davis- Prisoned Chickens, Poisoned Eggs: An Inside Look At The Modern Poultry Industry

Gail A. Eisnitz- Slaughterhouse

Michael Fox- Factory Farming

Ruth Harrison- Animal Machines

Howard Lyman- Mad Cowboy

Jim Mason And Peter Singer- Animal Factories (1980)

Jeremy Rifkin- Beyond Beef: The Rise And Fall Of The Cattle Culture (1992)

Orville Schell- Modern Meat

Upton Sinclair- The Jungle

Animal Research, Vivisection, And Dissection:

Deborah Blum- The Monkey Wars

Chris Derose- In Your Face

Gary Francione And Anna Charlton- Vivisection And Dissection In The Classroom

Lisa Hepner- Animals In Education: The Facts, Issues, And Implications

Ingrid Newkirk- Free The Animals (1992)

Judith Reitman- Stolen For Profit (1992)

Robert Sharpe- The Cruel Deception (1988) And Science On Trial (1994)

Hans Ruesch- Slaughter Of The Innocent

History Of Animal Rights:

Kathy Guillermo- Monkey Business: The Distubing Case That Launched The American Animal Movement

James Jasper And Dorothy Nelkin- The Animal Rights Crusade: The Growth Of A Moral Protest

Betina Manzo- The Animal Rights Movement In The U.S. 1975-1990

Usan Mills Finsen And Lawrence Finsen- The Animal Rights Movement In America

Hunting And Trapping:

Cleveland Amory- Mankind? Our Incredible War On Wildlife

Ron Baker- The American Hunting Myth

Matt Cartmill- A View To A Death In The Morning: Hunting And Nature Through History

Animals In Entertainment:

Peter Batten- Living Trophies

Stephen Bostock- Zoos And Animal Rights: The Ethics Of Keeping Animals

Jennifer Ham And Matthew Senior- Animal Acts: Configuring The Human Is Western History

Michael Hutchins- Ethics On The Ark: Zoos, Animal Welfare, And Wildlife Conservation

Anthony Marshall- The Zoo: Profiles Of 102 Zoos, Aquariums, And Wildlife Parks In The U.S.

Animals and The Law:

Animal Welfare Institute- Animals And Their Legal Rights: A Survey Of American Laws From 1641-1990

Gary Francione- Animals, Property, And The Law

Philosophy and Ethics:

Paola Cavalierei And Peter Singer, Editors- The Great Ape Project (1993)

Gary Francione- Rain Without Thunder

Jane Goodall- The Chimpanzee: The Link Between "Man" And "Beast"

Jeffrey M. Masson And Susan Mccarthy- When Elephants Weep: The Emotional Lives Of Animals (1995)

Tom Regan- The Case For Animal Rights

Tom Regan And Peter Singer- Animal Rights And Human Obligations (1976)

Alice Walker- Anything We Love Can Be Saved

Animal Rights And Other Forms Of Oppression:

Carol Adams- The Sexual Politics Of Meat

Marjorie Spiegel- The Dreaded Comparison: Human And Animal Slavery

Vegetarianism, Veganism, And Preventative Medicine:

Keith Akers- A Vegetarian Sourcebook

Neal Barnard- Food For Life (1993)

Mahatma Gandhi- The Moral Basis Of Vegetarianism

Frances Moore Lappe- Diet For A Small Planet

Erik Marcus- Vegan: The New Ethics Of Eating

Victoria Moran- Compassion The Ultimate Ethic: An Exploration Of Veganism

Bill Moyers- Healing And The Mind (1993)

John Robbins- Diet For A New America (1987)

Vegetarian And Vegan Cookbooks:

Abbot George Burke- Simply Heavenly

Freya Dinshah- The Vegan Kitchen

Peter Golbitz- Tofu And Soyfoods Cookery

Louise Hagler- Tofu Cookery

Michael Klaper- The Cookbook For People Who Love Animals

Peta And Ingrid Newkirk- The Compassionate Cook

Debra Wasserman- Conveniently Vegan

The Environment:

Helen Caldicott- If You Love This Planet (1992)

Rachel Carson- Silent Spring (1962)

E.C. Hargrove- The Animal Rights/Environmental Ethics Debate

Joseph Wood Krutch- The Great Chain Of Life

Henry David Thoreau- Walden (1983)

Jack Olsen- Slaughter The Animals, Poison The Earth

from The Michigan Animal Rights Society Reading List
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Living Among Meat Eaters: The Vegetarian's Survival Handbook by Carol Adams

One of the reasons I returned to vegetarianism is because I skimmed through this book. Now I want to actually read it and I can't find it. *frown*
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