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Hi, I'm Sara.

I'm hoping that it's ok for me to post here as a pescatarian. I eat fish maybe 3 times a month. I'm trying very hard to get rid of fish and become completely vegetarian. I'm hoping to get some support here, because I get none at home. My husband is an omnivore, bordering on straight-up carnivore. I buy the groceries, so he has to buy and cook his own meat. The problem is feeding our kids (well, that, and his mother who thinks I'm starving my kids and not giving them enough nutrition. That's another story, another day.) He believes the kids should eat meat, and I'm against them eating meat for a whole slew of reasons, good ones, too. He just simply thinks they should eat meat and that's that.

Anyway, that's the end of my introduction.

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Hey Sara, welcome to VB! Good luck with your transition to vegetarianism!
Hey there

You are more than welcome on VB here even as a pescetarian, since you are interested in becoming a vegetarian. (Please just don't post about eating fish, it's both against the Terms of use on the board, but people will flame you).

This board is a great resource for those who are transitioning. You can find support and ideas here, and you can hear about other people's experiences, including having trouble with family.
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and welcome Sara ,

Well its not unusual for those in transition to find that its fish that is the last of the meats to slowly let go . You will know in your own time when it is to be .

The meat battles at home can be a bit of a challenge , but there are threads here that might help and if you have issues /questions , just post .

This forum here might help
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Welcome, Sara!

How old are your children? How do they feel about being vegetarian? (If they're old enough to know!)
welcome, sara! you'll find lots of advices and supports here, so don't worry. :)
Welcome to VB, check out the raising vegetarian children section people there have experience in dealing with relatives feeling its their duty to get meat into the kids etc
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Hi Sara and welcome! It can be a gradual process for some people so don't worry...and you'll get loads of support here! Good luck! xx
Hi Sara

Welcome to the veggieboards!

You will find plenty of support and information here to support your lifestyle, and to learn more about vegetarianism/veganism, the more you learn, the easier is gets, I promise you, it is all about knowing and adapting, it eventually becomes easy.

I understand it must be hard with little support from your husband and family, I think it is important that you do research on the health aspects of for example, the vegetarian diet, and perhaps share it with your family... to show your children CAN be raised very healthily, and even more-so than on an omnivorous diet.

I hope you will enjoy it here and stick around

Have fun!
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Good luck on your journey to vegetarianism!
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