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Hello all,

Since I'm not 100% sure what classifies as an intro around I'll just hit the highlights about me and anybody who wants more info can ask at their leisure.

My name is Toby, and I am currently as of the time of this post living about an hour SE of Austin Texas way out in the piney woods surrounded by an army base, a federal prison, and a rendering plant(Yuck!). Even though I live out here, I wasn't born here. I was born and raised on the gulf coast near the Texas/Louisiana state line.

"Why am I here?" some of you may ask.

I want to convert all you animal hating heathens back to the bliss of an omnivorous diet.

Nah, I'm just teasing.
Seriously though, before I became a buddhist, I worked in the meat market of a grocery store for a while, and got a rather abrupt education in the dark side of the meat industry so I can honestly say I wouldn't wish that sort of diet on anyone.

Anyway, as I said above, I'm trying hard to be a "practicing" buddhist if such a description could be applied to me. Because of that, I have chosen to take up a life of non-harm where I am able, and that means becoming a vegetarian too. While I have been able to tow the line on being a vegetarian pretty well, my ultimate goal is to become a full vegan. It's an elusive goal which I have yet to achieve, but I keep trying.

Well,I've gone on long enough I think.

My best wishes to any and all who read this.

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Hi and welcome to Veggieboards, Toby.

I was vegetarian for 3 years before becoming vegan, probably like so many other vegans I only wish that I had transitioned so much earlier. Hopefully your "elusive goal" will be a lot quicker and easier to achieve than you think.
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