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Hey, Brandon.

I saw your post, but hoped somebody more tech savvy than me could take a crack at it. I am not sure if I can help. I can only offer some ideas that come to mind.

First, tell me a little bit more about your computer. Is it a laptop or a desktop? Does it have a floppy disk drive? What sort of optical (CD or DVD) drives does it have?

Basically, some of the things you might try would involve booting from a floppy or booting from a CD, so I'd need to know what kind of internal drives you have.

Second, are you able to access your BIOS/CMOS during (attempted) boot-up? If so, change the boot order so that the floppy drive (if any) and the cd drive are prior in the boot order to the hard drive--if this needs changing. Also, take a look at the section that talks about your hard drive. If it gives some sort of code number or model number of your drive, that may indicate the drive is ok. If instead it says "no drive detected" or something like that, then that's a clue that the drive itself is toast.

Third, do you own or have access to the WinXP CDs? You are supposed to be able to boot up from them. Now, here we are getting to the point where my knowledge is very limited, but I think these boot you into a "Pre-Installation Environment" where there are some tools available that can help you diagnose problems. Also, they can be used to create other "rescue" CDs. One of these that I think I can send you a copy of is called "The Ultimate Boot CD," but I don't know all that much about it.

Fourth, tell us a little about the computer you are using to access VB now.

In other words, do you have access to a computer which you can use to download programs from the internet and possibly burn them on CDs and such that you would then use to diagnose and possibly repair your Toshiba?

Fifth, if you can access Usenet newsgroups--possibly through Google--then

microsoft.public.windowsxp.general might be a good nplace to post your question. Perhaps they can answer it or direct you to another newsgroup or forum.
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