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Originally Posted by Powered By Plants View Post

I know quite a few people like soy milk as you buy it, from the carton, but I don't.
I never liked animal milk so don't miss that, but the thing is, I haven't found a vegan substitute I can stomach either.

I've tried soy milk, oat milk, hemp milk, and rice milk. Is there an easy way to make soy milk - it's most readily available here and is the most fortified - palatable enough so I can just drink it straight from the fridge?

I'd be ever so grateful! If this question has been asked many times before, apologies.
Have you been getting these milks sweetened or unsweetened when you've been trying them? Sugar makes a big difference!

I really enjoy chocolate soy milk, or vanilla.

If you're trying almond milk I'd recommend getting the vanilla or chocolate Almond Breeze, it's my favourite

Also, I find soy is very much an acquired taste. I didn't like it when I was a kid but now I love the stuff and I love tofu. Go figure.
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