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I just figured this out today, let me know if it makes sense:

How to Download an E-book to a Kindle without WiFi

1) Plug Kindle into the computer.
2) Go to Library2Go website.
3) Find book (you can click Kindle in the search box after typing in the title to search Kindle books only, if you wish).
4) Click Add 2Go cart on the right hand side of the screen.
5) Choose your local library from the drop down menu, and then type in your patron number.
6) Proceed to check out.
7) Click how many days you want to check it out (7, 14, 21).
8) Install appropriate software if you havent yet (it will give you a link).
9) Check Archived items, and download book.
10) Once downloaded, go to home screen, and it should be one of the first books there.

How to return Kindle E-books:

1) Go to
2) Hover over Kindle and go to Manage my Kindle
3) Click actions and click Send back to library
4) It will ask if youre sure, click yes.
5) Click Delete from Library
6) It will remove it from your Kindle and send it back to the library.

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Very cool. I wasn't aware you could rent library e-books that way.
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