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How To Eat Vegan At Any Restaurant (And Not Order Salad)

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When I tell people I'm vegan, they often say "that must be so challenging!" Well, no, I think it's really easy actually.

At home being vegan is as easy as eating any other kind of diet. I only buy vegan groceries, so therefore I only have vegan food in my house. When I go to grab a snack or make a meal, I don't even have to give it a second thought because my only options are vegan food. It's not like I look in my fridge and see cheesy dishes and chicken wings!

The only part of a vegan diet that can be challenging is dining out. All of the control is in someone else's hands. But, I LOVE going to restaurants. So what do I do? Here are my tips for how to eat vegan at any restaurant (and not order salad).
Read the tips here:

There's some great advice here! Eating vegan at regular restaurants can seem daunting at first but it just takes some getting used to.
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Thanks, @Werewolf Girl, for posting this.
ah this is so so helpful for me! I'm going on holiday tomorrow and will probably be eating out most days.
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