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I have basically little time to cook these days (though I DO like to cook). I buy frozen meals (Amy's, Moosewood, Linda McCartney, CedarLane, with a few from the pitifully small selection available from Lean Cuisine and Weight Watchers) a lot. I've gotten to the point where I'm rather bored with my options and have begun to look for other things.

vegetarian chili (I have a recipe that basically means I open a bunch of cans and heat the stuff up)

vegetarian baked beans (another lots-of-cans recipe, done in the crock pot this time)

pasta (either macaroni and cheese or pasta with marinara - throw in veggies or some beans to add nutrients)

homemade veggie burgers (to reheat in the microwave later)

soups (I really don't like soup all that much, but they're easy to make and easy to freeze and reheat)

a can or two of beans heated in Trader Joe's simmer sauce of your choice, served over rice (also easy to freeze and reheat)

I'm looking for other options, too. I have a lot of 30-minute recipes, but these days I'm busy enough I'm looking for 10-minute recipes.

As for the nutritional question - beans (including soy) are the most concentrated source of protein. Dairy products will also provide that (if you're still eating dairy). Whole grains and veggies also have protein in them. Some people think meat is the best source of iron - your green leafy veggies do just as well with that. A good book which outlines all the details is "Becoming Vegetarian."
1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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