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How much Calcium does one need in a day? (m

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I'm coming up on 1 year as a veggie and now I'm trying to limit my dairy.. just wondering how much calcium should I be shooting for? It is my understanding that the "magic" # is 1000 mg, but that is with milk consumption. Doesn't your body effecinatly use Ca in foods better then milk? So getting 9g from spinach is better used??? How much Ca should I be getting via greens?

Edited to add... I drink almond milk and the one I drink does NOT have Ca added to it. I'll have to check my store to see what they have. But being in a small town...not sure I'll have a great option.
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Hard question! Nobody knows for sure, but approximations are possible. The magical 1000 mg come from omnivore eating. If you reduce the intake of proteins and phosphates, you need less. There is data on tradional living bantu tribes, who have an intake of only 300 mg per day, but their diet is extremely low in protein. Spinach contains quite a lot, but the body can't use much of it as it is bound to the huge content of oxalic acid. Other greens will provide more calcium. Don't quit eating spinach as it tastes good and contains lots of other goodies.

Vegans need less Ca than lacto-(ovo)-vegetarians, who need less than omnivores; exceptions possible (people drinking liters of soda-pops for instance, as these contain lots of ortho-phosphoric acid). If you're around the 1000 mg, most probably you're more than on the safe side.
gettting calcium from dairy is not that great. theres so much protein in milk/dairy that its pretty acidic. to neutralize the acidity, your body takes the calcium out of your bones.
Won't hurt you to get 1000mg/day, even with a vegan diet. With fortified juices and milk alternatives, it's pretty easy. That's on top of eating a healthy, calcium-rich diet that includes sesame seeds, almonds, various beans (including soy, pinto, kidney, et al), arugula, kale and collard greens, seaweed/kelp, and even blackstrap molasses.
You should be aiming for between 800-1000mg daily. Good non-dairy sources of calcium include calcium fortified orange juice, calcium fortified soya milk almonds, brazil nuts, kale and figs.

If in doubt, take a calcium supplement (in combination with Vitamin D).
I drink soymilk which is fortified with 30% RDA of Calcium (about 300 mg) and 50% RDA of vitamin B-12. Since that is the only reliable B-12 source I consume daily, I shoot for 2 cups of soymilk every day. I find that give me peace of mind, it's kind of like a nutritional insurance policy. Besides the soymilk, my diet is very whole-foods, I don't take any other supplements and I eat loads of veggies and fruits, beans, whole grains, and nuts. The following are said to be great sources of calcium: broccoli, kale, collard greens, almonds, sesame seeds, black beans, soy beans, tofu

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