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How many of you have families who are all veg?

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Since DH just decided to become veg as well, and our two youngin's are too, I was just wondering how many all veg families there are out there?
Has it always been that way, or was it a gradual thing?

If it was gradual, how much easier did it make family life?


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Haha..I wish I did. I have three people in my extended family that are veg. I rarely see them though as they live far far away.
Other than them, I am the only veg person I know in real life.
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my family used to be all pescatarian, then vegetarian- and were for about 15 years- but then my dad succumed to the lure of the bacon buttie and the chicken balti, and went back to the darkside about 10 years ago.

we're probably pretty unusual as to why we went first pescatarian, then veg. when i was 4 my throat and mouth started swelling up really impressively whenever i ate meat, and my doctor said it could be anything from colourings to preservatives to 'who-knows-what they put in british meat in the 1980's', but that it'd be most practical/easiest to just not give me meat again, so we didn't.

my dad used to itch whenever he ate anything with animal fat in it anyway, so it was no skin off his nose, (and he's always said that my mum was/is rubbish at cooking, and it was one less thing she could accidently poison him with) and my mum thought it was one less expensive food item to pay out for and to mess about with in the kitchen. my little bro was a baby so he just never even got started on it- and he's the one who questioned our eating of fish as a small child (we had some as pets) and shoved everyone over the edge to veg.

so my dad eats meat again now *grrr*, but the rest of us have a good few years of veggie behind each of us (my bro and i are all grown up now!), and are still going strong- i quit eating eggs, dairy and honey years ago, and my mum is now dairy free and down to about one egg a month, since i suggested that it would probably dramatically affect her sinusitis and tummy troubles- which it did (yey!).

i think it made it a lot easier that we were all veggie, in that nobody had to worry about what they fed anyone else, make multiple/variations on meals, or risk contamination (till i quit dairy and eggs).

we found it hard when my dad went back to eating meat though, because the whole dynamic changed, my mum or he had to cook his gross stuff (me and my bro shuddered at it, and had no clue how to, even if we wanted to- which we didn't) and we hated the new meaty pans, meat in the fridge/on the stove, the horrible smells, etc, that were totally alien and gross to us.

i'm also lucky that there were always a few other kids with veggie families in my school classes, and that the UK was/is veggie friendly- it always just seemed pretty normal, maybe a little unusual at most, but never weird, that we didn't eat meat in our house.
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Unfortunately I m the only one, they all are dead things eaters.. My mother reduced her dairy and meat consummation after I explained her how bad it was for her health. Lately my husband decided to stop eating beef after he s seen a documentary about a "farm" and realized ecologically it wasn t possible anymore. So I still hope!
My Mum and brother are veggie, but not my Dad. My brother turned over 20 years ago, shortly followed by my Mum and then myself a few years after that. With 2 family weddings in August I found out there are a few more veggies in my extended family. I don't live at home anymore but luckily my flatmate is pescatarian.
I brought my kids up veg, and they still are. I just realised that we have over a hundred years of veg*nism between us!
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Hmm, well not my family, I am the only one, also in my extended family.

But my boyfriend's entire family is vegan... my boyfriend and his sisters were born vegetarian, and during their teens they all went vegan.

His parents are great people, they own a clinic in which they perform naturopathy, homeopathy and iridology... and are very health aware. For their children (my boyfriend and his two sisters) going vegan from vegetarian was simple as far as I know... I just asked him now (your question) and he says, well he doesn't really know how it would be (not being a veg family) but he can imagine that the fact they are so close also is because they are all simular minded on the vegan being... it causes no tension or disagreement in that way. When I have children I am absolutely raising them vegan
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Originally Posted by Bof View Post

I brought my kids up veg, and they still are. I just realised that we have over a hundred years of veg*nism between us!
WOW!! That's a lot of experience!! Looking forward to getting there some day, though my veg kids are only 3 1/2 and 15 months.....I have a ways to go yet..hehe

I'm really hoping that this makes us closer as a family. DH and I have decided we will be participating in variour AR/ veg activities as a family. I'm pretty psyched about being able to share this as a family.
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Im the only veg in my entire family,extenden and close, and the only veg I know in real life is me.
My "family" is just DH and me and we are both veg. We're the only 2 in our extended family. I have high hopes for my 13 year old niece, seems that she's seeing the light, if only because she wants the "I'm Not a Nugget" shirt from PETA, which I've told her she can't have until she hacks it for at least 6 months.
My family is just me and the boyf, him vegetarian, me vegan, and we intend to bring any future kids up vegan
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My family (parents, bro) is quasi-veg... They eat less meat than the average person, but they still do from time to time. When I'm around they don't eat as much meat. LOL.
Sadly I am the only one in my fam...there are more in my husband's family - brother in law, sisterinlaw...I think I could count the number on one hand...
My husband and son are veg, but my daughter is not.
I'm the only veg*n in the house, though they do eat some of the boca substitutes. They (father and brother) just started eating the sausage ones instead of the regular meat ones, which I was pleasantly surprised by.
One of my four sisters is a vegetarian. Or at least she was, the last time I heard from her. I think she was in Missouri when I spoke with her last. My mother was a vegetarian for a few months for health reasons.
My little family of 4 is all vegan - my husband, myself, and our two little boys. I had been vegan and vegetarian at times before I met my husband, but I decided to go back to veg shortly after we were married and a couple of months later, so did he. So our kids have been vegetarian since birth. We all went vegan about 10 months ago. It took a little convincing to wean my 4 year old (then 3) off of cheese (I guess that cheese obsession most of us have/had starts young! LOL), but now he totally gets that "cows milk is for baby cows."
Now he likes rice cheese and soy cheese, and all of my nutritional yeast "cheese" sauces that I cook with, like for macaroni and "cheese."

None of my extended family are vegetarian, but it's nice to have a unified diet within our home.
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I am the only vegan in my family, and the only veg*n I know.

If I ever marry and have children, I will raise them as vegans.
in my house im the only one, my MIL is almost veg, she eats meat maybe once a month if that, and is looking to cut back more. I have a son, and he will eat some of my stuff but i dont plan on forcing anything on him, i will explain when he is older, seeing how his father still eats meat
One of my sisters has been a Vegetarian for a long time and another sister cut out red meat and is talking about becoming a Vegetarian.
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