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Hi, I've always been pretty skinny but it's not something I've thought about or like done on purpose. My doctor told me I burn fat really quickly, (dunno what thats called) and also I'm in the worst shape out of my whole class

Anyway, I dont want to look anorexic or be a stick, I think having some fat on your body looks wayy better than nothing! I have no clue about how much calories I should eat though..

I'm 14.5, 5"6 and 50 kilos. How much is 50 kilos in pounds??

I eat breakfast some days, but it only takes me a couple of minutes..Also I'm vegetarian, and I'm very very picky. I do enjoy food, but mostly I just eat to get it over with..I rarely feel hungry. I dont get full either..I mainly just eat when its been a while, or if I'm hungry and then I just eat until I'm not hungry anymore..So tips?
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