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How do you store your yeast?

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Other than my title question:

Can you freeze yeast? Does storing it in a glass jar prolong it's shelf life?

Basicly I would just appreciate "yeast tips"- I just took up baking and can't seem to find any good information on the net. Please help me guys


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I don't know about freezing, but I've always kept mine in the fridge, both the stuff in the jar and the packets.
I usually buy a large bag of the instant yeast and keep it in the frig. If I have the small packets I just keep them in the cupboard because they get used soon after I buy them. Check the best before date on the yeast because stale yeast most likely will not rise. I've never frozen yeast.
I buy my yeast from the co-op where it's in premade bags (they buy it in bulk) in the fridge -- so at home I store it in the fridge. It doesn't have an expiry date so I replace the bag when it starts to proof slower.
Fridge. Most commercial yeast has an expiry date, and if not you can expect from 6 to 12 months out of it if it is kept cool, dark, and dry.

Like rabid_child said, when it stops rising you might as well get rid of it.
I use it quite a bit so I store it in my cupboard and I've never had a problem. If it is going to be sitting around for awhile though I would keep it in the fridge.
I keep mine in the fridge, but the freezer in an airtight container is fine too. (Yeast for sale at King Arthur mentions it.)
I bought a double pack at BJs (wholesale) so I have the second package in the freezer. Happy baking!!
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I just bought a jar of Bread Machine yeast (4 OZ size). It says to refrigerate after opening and use within 6 months. Use no later than the date stamped on the lid (if unopened) which is June 20 '09. So if I had not opened the jar I could keep it till June 09.

for recipies and tips:

okay, it says freezing is not recommended. You can also store in a cool dark place (not only the fridge)

It is exposure to air and light that kills yeast. Over time it loses its potency.

Hey is yeast a vegetable?
I keep mine in an airtight container in the freezer. It still raises just fine, even after months.
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Hey is yeast a vegetable?
Nope, it's fungus.

That'd be pretty weird if women could grow their own vegetables.
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