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How do you plan trips?

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Dear fellow vegan travelers,

I'm planning some upcoming trips and I'm eager to learn more about how you approach travel planning as a plant-based eater. While I typically research local vegan options and learn a few key phrases to communicate with restaurant staff, I still feel like I'm missing out on some of the authentic local food experiences.

What are some tips, tricks, and resources you've found helpful for enjoying local cuisine while maintaining a plant-based diet? Any insights you can share would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your help!
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Hi Tommy,

depending on where you plan to go, I´d check out those Vegan Traveller Apps. Even trip advisor offers ratings for vegans in the specific areas, via search.
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Hi! Thanks, I really appreciate your input! However, I'm looking for ways to fully explore a country/city's cuisine in a more authentic way. I have a series of apps to find good restaurants, but how do I research what food is unique to each destination? For example, I'm currently in Okinawa and just learned the other day (after spending over two weeks here) that they have a certain type of purple sweet potato not found anywhere else. How could I have found out about that before coming?

Does that make sense? Haha, sorry for the rambling.
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It makes perfect sense! I think one of the fun things to do when you travel is to try food you can't get easily (or at all!) where you normally live. Then again, I'm kind of adventurous when it comes to veg food, and would rather finish something I decided I didn't like than waste food. I'm surprised your apps don't have information about foods unique to an area.

But I don't know where to find this stuff out ahead of time. Maybe you could start with a travel guide that isn't specifically vegetarian? You could start with your local library or the internet- but I love to hang out in libraries and the 'net anyway.... so much info about anything I want.
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