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How important is your personal safety to you? What measures do you take to insure you won't be mugged, killed, accidentally run over, etc?<br><br><br><br>
I'm including a list of things some people I know (or know of) do to keep themselves safe. (Valid or invalid.)<br><br><br><br>
--Always locking doors and windows at home, always locking doors in the car.<br><br>
--Putting bars on their (first floor) windows at home.<br><br>
--Inviting over only the closest friends and family members.<br><br>
--When in public, refusing to speak with strangers, even if the stranger asked to know what time it is.<br><br>
--Only going to bars and other nightlife places when accompanied by a trusted friend.<br><br>
--Only living in places not known for high rates of violent crime.<br><br>
--Never traveling through places known for high rates of violent crime.<br><br>
--Refusing to open the door for someone they don't know.<br><br>
--Refusing to travel via public transportation.<br><br>
--Never walking through darkened areas alone.<br><br>
--Keeping a gun at home, or carrying one when out of the house.<br><br>
--Learning judo, karate, tai kwon do or other self-defense techniques.<br><br>
--Hiring a bodyguard.<br><br>
--As straight males, refusing to walk through areas known for having gay-friendly bars and clubs.<br><br>
--Concealing valuables.<br><br>
--Reading all the crime reports in the newspaper to see if the area they live in has become more dangerous.<br><br>
--Checking the court docket records of everyone they know for convictions.<br><br><br><br>
What do you think? Does it depend on where you live or what demographics you fit into?
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