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How do you deal? [Questions from Omnis]

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Apologies in advance if a thread like this one has already been made.

Being the probably the only vegan in my school (it's a small school), I get asked a lot of questions, the most common one being, "What do you eat?" I never know how to answer that because I eat such a variety of things, and don't exactly have any set meal plans. I usually end up saying, "I eat a lot of things.." which not only sounds a little cold, but doesn't even answer his or her question. How do you all reply?

Also, what do you do about people who are too defensive? I know for a fact that I don't treat omnis any different than I do veg*ns, I don't mind people eating meat around me, I've even let my friends keep some of his or her meat on my plate when he or she had no room on his or her plate, just nonchalantly making sure that the meat didn't touch any of my food. Still, there are a few people at my lunch table who claim that whenever they eat meat in front of me I give them "looks" about it, one of whom I can't even recall ever seeing eat meat. I know that I don't treat them any differently, I make a point of not treating anyone differently, I even get uncomfortable when people ask me why I went vegan because knowing most peoples' consciences, if I tell them my reasons they will get defensive. What am I supposed to do about the overly-defensive people? Any advice would be much appreciated.
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I love being asked all kinds of questions about my veg*nism. I am the only veggie a lot of these people know, so I want to make a good impression, and give them a good idea about it. I try to show them how we can get all of our nutrients, and eat just about any dish they can eat. (I do not live off of salads!) Also, about people being deffensive, it happens to me too. I think it's all in their head because they know being veg is a more ethical lifestyle. Also, they want an excuse to not feel bad about eating meat (to make themselves feel better) so they try to convince themselves veggies are judemental. Atleast, this is how I feel and what some of my experiences led me to believe. Though, I know this isn't the case for everyone. I would just asure them that you don't give them looks, and if you do it's not on purpose. Something like "I don't judge people on their diets, and I never give you dirty looks for eating meat around me. Just because I don't doesnt mean I can tell people not to either. I apoligize if it seemed like I was having bad manners. Please tell me the next time you think I am doing it." (Then you can see if they really think you are?)
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I get the "What DO you eat?" question all the time (second only to the ever-popular "How do you get protein?"). I also stumble over finding an answer, since I eat a pretty infinite amount of different foods. Usually I'll just cover the food groups and tell them that I eat lots of fruits and vegetables, pastas, breads, grains, beans, seeds, legumes, and anything else that doesn't come from an animal. If I don't feel like being too detailed, I'll just say "lots of things."
I usually tell them "lots of things," and then give them examples of what I had for lunch that day or dinner the night before, telling them how delicious it was. Of course this only works if you do eat a wide variety of tasty things, which I do.
Thanks for the advice so far, it's been very helpful already!
Oh I am asked that all the time

I just tell them that I replace the meat in anything with a vegetarian substitute and I can eat it just the same

it's true, in a way... chicken stock in soup, replace with vegetable stock

chicken in a stir-fry, replace with tofu or veggies

meat in a sandwich, replace with boca or morningstar or falafel! mmmm...

and anything in a restaurant, they always have vegetarian options usually

if not, there is the blessed salad

man do I hate salads...
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you know, i got asked "what do you eat?" far more often in high school. i would just start listing off a variety of things. maybe you could answer with "well today i ate..." if it'll seem more specific.
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