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(note, this is not spam, and I'm not selling anything (and have nothing to sell even if you ask me)

I'm creating this thread hoping it will inspire and open us up to be less victims of money, and be more of shepards of it, and using it to help ourselves and others.. the animals as well of course.

Since 1998, I chose my path to use money as a way to fund efforts to help, and I still think it's a good thing for us all to explore... to get free of bills/debt, and to have more flow of money so we can direct it to places it will Help Us All...

Erik Marcus said:

Erik says in Meat Market (p.118) "When I was a teenager, my greatest ambition was to one day become a millionaire. In my twenties, as my primary ambition shifted away from making money and toward protecting animals, I adapted the millionaire concept for purposes of activism. I decided that I still wanted to be a millionaire, but not in terms of earning a million dollars. I wanted to be a millionaire in terms of keeping a million animals out of slaughterhouses."

Hmm, how about if worked directly to help the animals And you could have a million dollars to also use to help?

Vegan Outreach estimates/calculates that with their style of effort, each dollar donated (funding booklets handed out) saves 2 animals, each

So 1 million dollars would save about 2 million animals, in the first year, and every subsequent year.

Vegan Outreach, Compassion Over Killing, Peta, Christian Vegetarian Association, Mercy for Animals, and all other groups need money in order to print materials, run websites, run TV commercials (Compassion Over Killing's commercials run on MTV have reached more than 20million viewers, and most other things they do. What if they had twice as much money?... they'd have roughly twice as much ability, and reach roughly twice as many people... resulting in roughly twice as many people changing their diets, and helping about twice as many animals

So, money clearly can help very much... and it would be better to see it as a tool, rather than a neccessary evil.

It is either accumulated by a shrinking group who control our media/govt/land/businesses/resources... or we start to seize back some of the money and put it back into the flow of Helping! (many have already started doing this, so let's add to the momentum).

What would you do if you created more financial ability for yourself?

pay off bills and loans?

get a more meaningful job even if it paid less?

start a veg*an resturant or business, or a 'green' business?

take time to relax and recuperate; heal and re-energize inside?

donate to organizations, or even start your own?

List your top ones. Let's build some supportive encouraging energy for us to work towards making these a reality in our lives. A genuine intention of wanting them, and visualizing them, will start the ball rolling

it is EASY to make a tini-tiny baby-step in the direction you want to go, EASY. Just make that tiny step... and then make the next one... and repeat
Soon, you have covered a lot of distance and it's easiest to move in bigger steps...

(please no critiquing, discouragement, or pessimism here.. please only supportive or encouraging comments

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I'll start with mine...

The first things i WILL do is to

-pay off my credit card and other debt

-help my mom and grandparents and brother out of financially-stressful situations

-move out into an apartment in the area where my real 'family' is

-and start accumulating funds to donate to groups

-my way to achieve these is to progress the business I'm starting. It has been 8 years in the making and it's coming together nicely. I've already reduced my un-needed/unhelpful expenses to zero, and I'm already taking time each day to create peace within so I can focus on my efforts better.

my first focus is to get myself free to be my greatest enjoyment and ability.. then I can do my best to help. I've been struggling and giving groups $15 or $20 every once in a while, and I want to be able to do much more than this.. and Will.

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