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I'm definitely not surprised by this at all. The fact that young girls are weighing more than your average (say) 7 year old, means they go into puberty at an earlier age.

Last semester, in my bio class, we were talking about this subject. Our professor basically said it's because of a girls' weight. I hit puberty at a young age because I was a little heavier than most of the girls my age at that time. Now, I'm not as heavy but I do see it as girls being able to "carry" a child. Ethically, it's not right but our bodies can't distinguish what's ethically right or wrong. It does what it's biologically meant to do.

With regards to the hormones in meat and milk, that could definitely be a possiblity. As well, as all the additives and preservatives in foods.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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