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It's hard to say what's going on with your health. Stress can have all kinds of negative impacts. Make sure that you're not only eating enough but that it's well rounded. You need grains. proteins, as well as veggies and fruits. Are you taking any vitamin supplements? You might need to do that, especially B12, B6, Zink, etc.. As a female you might need some Iron also. Men generally don't need to supplement that but, you may. Get a good, health food store quality, vegan multivitamin. If WalMart is what you can afford it might work but, you'll get better quality with nutrients your body can absorb from a good natural store. I buy mine at Earth Fare. It has 3000% of the daily recommended B12 and I take one every other day. I suppose I could go with one every day but, the levels are so high in some things that I go every other day and make sure I keep a mental note of what I have been eating and not eating. Vegans need to be intentional about what is consumed. Unlike the rest of the world who just stuff things in their faces. You need to be sure your getting a wide variety of the things on the Vegan pyramid.
1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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