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My mom has always made these tortillas, but when things started speeding up, they were less frequently made. So I took it upon myself to make them today! It's a VERY simple recipe, yet really tasty! There are NO measurements, you just have to improvise.. And mind you, they aren't healthy, but that doesn't matter! They're good!

You need:

- Your favorite flour

- Vegetable Oil

- Salt

- Water

1) Get a large bowl, and put a generous amount of flour into it.

2) Slowly add oil into flour until it reaches a crumbly texture. (Mix with your hands)

3) Add salt. Again, mix with your hands.

4) With one hand, begin to add water, and knead it in as you pour. When it becomes dough, put out ona floured surface and knead it until thoroughly blended. (At this point I added more oil and kneaded it in)

5) Once you are finished kneading the doughm let it rest in the bowl with a moits paper towel on top for AT LEAST 15 minutes. This lets it all meld together, and it taste so much better!

6) It's very important that you have a griddle for the best tortillas. In authentic mexican cooking, tortillas aren't steamed! We have an iron pan (it's like a shallow cast iron skillet. I suppose a cast iron skillet could work...) that we heat tortillas in. Roll out the dough with a rolling pin as thin as possible, and toss on the griddle (High heat) until the top starts to bubble. Flip and complete cooking.

If you are a novice tortilla maker, it takes more than one try to get a tortilla right. I have made them before, but I still need to make, at least, 3 tortillas before they start coming out right. Sometimes they come out rather thick because I underestimate how much I should flatten them- those are good, but not ideal.

These are good reheated with margerine, topped with peanut butter and jelly, or with tacos! If you make them large enough, I suppose they would make good burritos. But these are Tex-mex style! We don't eat burritos- tacos all the way! heh.

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yeah, mine has baking powder too, but not the oil though my friend told me his recipe last night and i think he uses oil for handling them before coooking. i need to make some to wrap my tofu scramble mixture up in but keep putting it off..
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