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Short introduction here.

Ive been vegetarian since I was 12. That makes it about 12 years, as Im 24 now. I have not drank milk for about 8 years. When I was 19, I became vegan. This lasted for about a year and then (due to an eating disorder) I started eating cheese because I figured that if it was comin back up anyways, it "didnt count." I am now in recovery, and I am eating normally, but I still eat cheese and occasionally free-range eggs. I feel guilty when I do, so Im working on that.

I grew up in the NW States and moved to Canada two years ago. I have gained about 50lbs since moving here and Im working on getting rid of it. I know I eat too much junk now, and my diet has changed A LOT since moving here. I also quit smoking and got on the pill (and broke my foot LOL) within the first month or so of moving. I would like to take more steps to vegan-ity and Im hoping you all will be able to teach me!

I mainly came to this board to find more information on vegan products.. cleaning supplies, cosmetics etc. I also need more info on how to 'help' the cause. I basically want more education.

This is my first post here, and I cant wait to look around and see what there is here!

Hope thats not too much info up there, but its me. And this is the end of my "short" introduction. Glad to meet you all


ETA: Is my avatar okay? I can change it if I have to but I love it

ETA2: I know I wrote FORM instead of FROM. Please ignore.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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