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Staff at the Cambridge offices of Deloitte and Touche could become targets of an animal rights group after their details were allegedly leaked by a company insider.

Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC) claims a mole at the auditors, whose clients include Huntingdon Life Sciences, has handed over telephone numbers and email addresses of staff from the life sciences team.

Part of that team is based in Station Road, Cambridge.

Natasha Avery, of SHAC, said the company could expect to become a global target.

"We will be hitting them all over the world," she said.

"The Cambridge office can expect to be highly targeted.

"That will include phone blocking, office occupations and demonstrations at the homes of directors."

Unless Deloitte severed its links with HLS, it would incur the full wrath of SHAC, she added.

A spokesman for HLS said: "The group is focusing on yet another target and continue its campaign of harassment and intimidation."

Cambridgeshire Police said they were aware of SHAC's intentions to target the accountancy firm, which has 18 branches in the UK, including the one in Cambridge.

Chief Inspector Steve Pearl said: "We anticipate the usual tactics of intimidation against the company and members of its staff. We will respond appropriately to any associated criminal activity and disorder."

Since the launch of its campaign to shut down HLS in 1998, SHAC has systematically targeted companies which have links with the Cambridgeshire drug-testing company.

Their targets have included the Royal Bank of Scotland, whose offices including its commercial centre in Girton and branch in Hills Road have been victims of SHAC protests.

Banking services and insurance cover for HLS are now provided by the Government.

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NATIONAL NEWS: Deloitte quits as auditor of drug-testing group

By Patrick JenkinsFinancial Times; Mar 01, 2003

Deloitte & Touche yesterday ended its four-year audit relationship with Huntingdon Life Sciences, the controversial drug-testing group, after violent protests by animal rights activists.John Connolly, Deloitte & Touche UK's senior partner, said: "Having completed the audit for 2002, we will not be offering ourselves for re- election as auditors to Huntingdon Life Sciences."

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