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Hey everyone, you may have noticed me posting and or lurking around...*heh* without any real introduction. So, here goes.

I am in high school, Oregon, and vegan for about 6 months, veggie for 12. I am strict vegetarian, but leak on the offered-already-purchased-sweets. And, I do eat honey.

I am interested in, music- Beatles, Aimee Mann, oldies, viola (I play it), art, writing, x files and some anime, um.... nature, yoga and stuff. I like to cook vegan chow and read. Oh, dance too! tap. And, I am obviously interested in veg*an ism.
~~~fair multiinterested.

I think too much, and can act withdrawn or shy. Which I am. *mope mope, kick myself in the shoe* AND< I like to use little stars!!! *obsessively writes out action.* I have a decent if warped sense of humor too. Yaaay!!

I kinda know ya guys a bit know, but hi again anyways!!! I. Have. An. Avatar!!! Woowoo. *twitch* That was rather annoying to figure out, but i did it. Even if my panther is croooked.
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