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Hi everyone :) Thought it would be nice to join an online vegan community so here I am!! I went vegetarian when I was around 17 (I'm 21 now) when my dear (and vegan!!) friend told me all about the bad things that happen to your body when you eat meat. I freaked out and threw away the ham sandwich I had in my bag and made the transition cold turkey. After two years (2.5?) I noticed I craved dairy less and less and also how my body reacted to it (rashes, red spots on my face, bloating you name it) and gradually stopped eating dairy too! I do have to admit though that I relapsed and went back to eating dairy for 6 months....My reason? Laziness!! I was too lazy to cook and too comfortable and veganism required me to be creative and so I went back to being a vegetarian. Fast forward to January 2017 and I'm back on the vegan train, feeling better than ever, MUCH more educated on the topic (and now because I know much more I'm not tempted to break my new habits) and absolutely loving cooking!! I also made a transition to a gluten-free diet since I discovered my gluten sensitivities so hello to all my fellow GF vegans too! :) Nice to meet you all!
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Nice to meet you too, Kasiarad. Welcome to the forum. -- :hi:
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