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High protein suggestions

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I'm not a parent but due to a recent family tragedy I am taking care of my 5 year old cousin temporarily. Her doctor wants her on a high protein diet so most of our family is really pushing chicken and eggs. Can you all give some vegetarian/vegan high protein suggestions for me.
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peanut butter (you can spread on crackers, bread, make peanut butter pita sandwiches, spread on apples, celery, etc.)

beans (bean burritos, bean tacos, lentil chili, black bean soup, split pea soup, succotash, bean casseroles)

high-protein veggie meats and cheeses (put veggie deli meats in sandwiches, add veggie sausages in casseroles, veggie hot dogs are a hit with kids, same with vegan mac and cheese, veggie burgers, etc.)

soy milk, almond milk, etc. (try chocolate flavored if she doesn't like plain or vanilla)

tofu, tempeh, edamame (stir fry, scrambled tofu, tempeh burgers, etc.)

nuts (make a trail mix with raisins and chocolate chips)

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1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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