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High Hematocrit with non-heme Iron?

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Hello people! I was vegetarian+fish for 1 year and a vegan afterwards for 4 months and going. Before vegetarian I was eating lots of meat plus other crappy stuff a lot (20 years).

Now, I did blood and biochemical tests, and everything was ok. But my Hematocrit (HCT) level (50.5 %) is on the limits of considered high. Are these HCT levels cause of all that meat I was eating all these years? I mean, how does Iron food sources affect your blood? The results of Iron intake appear right away, or it takes years for Iron to be stored in the blood (in order to be shown on the tests)?

If Iron takes affect right away, then, is it possible to have dangerous high levels of HTC, considering you are consuming only non-heme Iron? I thought that if you consume more Iron than you need, and its non-heme, then your body can discard the extra amounts.

Thanks a lot in advance! Have a happy vegan day! :D
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Silva is right! My doctor discussed this with my sister and I and mentioned that I could donate blood if I wanted to, because my iron levels are in the normal range but that my sister could not donate iron because her iron levels tend to be too low. He offered, (because he knows I love this knowledge) that those whose iron levels tend toward the high side, can simply donate blood to see if that helps them lower than iron counts as that is the best way to handle it. I have read articles where they recommend those who donate blood often to get their iron levels checked to be sure that it is not too low. Also, too much iron, copper, zinc, sugar or process foods have all been linked to causing grey matter to form on the brain, which in turn causes Alzheimers and Dementia. Its worth doing what it takes to get the iron levels to normal.
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