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Hi !

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Hi !

My favorite thing in the world is pinapple (especially grind with jägermeifter in it) and my favorite color is blue.

i'm a lacto ovo vegetarian since 1years or so. I would like to be more plant-based but i wouldn't call it a transition to Vegan. I'm trying to move myself again, exercice and maybe gain muscle, so i'm here to have some tips.
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I also love pineapple! Do you mean Jägermeister the alcohol? I forget how that is-herby?

Welcome! I also need to get moving more!
Welcome to the forum! Do you want tips on plant-based muscle gain, or just anything at all. Hope you are doing well.
Yes the alcohol with a deer on the bottle, and very herby. I see it on boosh (vegan facebook page) did a video with a "jägerbomb" with a pinapple but i skipped the part with energy drink. Since then i really like the mix, but i try to moderate alcohol. Sometime i dehydrate a bunch of pineapple when they are at 1,50$, people give my weird look when try to buy 10 pound of pineapple.

Yeah jamie, anything could be helpfull here. I want to try fermenting food but don't how to get started. I want to cut dairy but i'm afraid to tell anyone (including family) I want get better at gardening, i have a garden since 2 years, its one of the best thing i have discover. I also want stay healthy/fit (more for energy than physical apparence) i lost 50 pound 3 years ago, i'm maintain my weight since that.

Have a good day :D
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I want to cut dairy but i'm afraid to tell anyone (including family)
The various plant "milks" (soymilk, almond milk) are usually fortified with calcium, vitamin A, and vitamin D. That is to say, plant milks are specifically fortified to approximately match the nutrition profile of dairy milk.
Yes thank you, i have no problem to remplace milk, i never liked the taste and plant milk taste better. But i have hard time with cheese, especially on social event when its the only vegetarian choice. Also someone in my boyfriend's family have a dairy farm, its a really touchy subject. Anyway since i limit my dairy, its hard to eat large amount like before without my body hate me.

Thank you for the welcome :)
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