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I'm a mom of two. My husband and I became vegan about 2 weeks ago, and I'm in the process of shifting my kids to a vegan diet by finding out what milk alternatives they like and what they will eat other than cheese. I guess they're vegetarian at this point but I'm working on getting them off milk and cheese as well.

My reasons are many. Partly health - we watched Forks Over Knives and I was very impressed by that. Partly to opt out of the whole animal eating thing. We have bought animal products from a local hippie commune type farm for the past several years, so we haven't been buying stuff off the supermarket shelves, but it's still part of the same system, and we were still eating that stuff when we went out to eat and were able to wear blinders while eating it. But we are awake now and have moved on.

I'm surprised how easy it was. I guess my mind was in the right place or something. I also watched Earthlings a few days after watching Forks Over Knives and became aware of just how poorly animals are treated. I thought there were some abuses but I didn't understand just how bad and wide-spread things were. I can't imagine eating an animal product or buying anything made of leather or whatever since watching Earthlings. I wish I could show my kids Earthlings, because I think it would make it easier to get them to stop asking for cheese, but I'm afraid it would give them nightmares.
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