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Hi ppl = p

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My names Bridgette im 22 an ive been a Vegan since I was 19,my main reason was kuz I love animals an dont want them hurt,then once I started reading more about the eggs an milk etc. it seemed to make even more sence that I became a vegan.When I think about it its kinda weird that I became a vegan kuz Im not the typical candtidate (youll learn more if we become friends lol)but I love it an Im glad I did it = D
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Hi an welcum Bridgette. I'm knew to this speek.
Hello and welcome fellow Vegan.
Hi Bridgette! Cool name for a Ginger Snaps fan!
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Hi and welcome here
It is great that you became vegan despite of not being a typical candidate. I think there are lots of weird and untypical vegans but just not so known as stereotype.
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Welcome to VB, Bridgette!

Just a friendly reminder: I've read your other posts on this board (so far). While I have no complaint about the contents of your posts, I would like to ask you to please NOT use textspeak on Veggieboards. If you do it often enough, especially when it's all in the same posts, it makes the posts hard to read, and typing hard to read posts is actually against the board rules. Thanks, Bridgette.
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