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Hi. New Vegetarian Here! :)

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Hi, My name is Linda. I stopped eating meat yesterday and have been meat-free for almost two days now. I still include dairy and cage free eggs- cage free whenever it is possible. I am doing vegetarian for both health and ethical reasons.
Here i am, 34 years old and, 5'4.5 and 310 pounds. My New Years resolution is to be at or under 200 pounds by next xmas.
Only two days into this new lifestyle and I am going to the bathroom (#2) much easier if not a bit too much. My theory is that all the meat I used to eat was binding me up and what i am going through now is some kind of meat detox. I don't feel sick or nauseous. In fact I feel really good. I will be consulting with a nutritionist but I know how to get protein into this diet especially considering I can still have cheese and eggs. I will be trying to limit eggs and dairy a little bit more in the future so i rely more heavily on plant based foods. I went food shopping today and bought stuff like boca burgers, veggie "meat" balls, veggie crumbles, frozen vegan and vegetarian entries. I bought beans and whole grain rice and pasta. I got fruit and veggies.
I need to limit my portions and count calories to some extent if I'm going to lose weight. i started tracking what i have eaten today and will continue to do so.
I'm getting a personal fitness trainer so I will be getting off my big butt and moving.
I am really excited about this new way of life/eating. Some of my friends and family don't have faith in me but I have faith in myself. Lately I was finding meat really boring. I think I'm ready to give it up for good. Meat-less can be tastier!
Thanks for reading this. I will enjoy exploring this community and perhaps making some friends.
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Hi, welcome to Veggieboards! Glad you joined us. :hi:
Welcome and glad you decided to give it a go. We all started somewhere for some reason with our path to vegetarianism or veganism, so I hope you reach your goals.
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