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Hi! I'm new

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Hello! Im so glad to find a vegan board! I went to goveg and couldnt find one there so I decided to google message boards and found this!

Im very very new to the vegan world. I havent eaten any meat in just about a week now. but let me tell you how it all started.....

For Xmas I got a book, its called Skinny ***** (Gosh I hope thats ok to say this here) But thats the title. It really got me to thinking....OMG yes I can eat and get skinny! This is great!

But that just wasnt enough for me. I love meat! But I decided to read the book Slaughterhouse (it was recommended in the Skinny ***** book)

Ok after reading that I cannot even look at meat!
Not only the horrible horrible lives these poor animals endure...but the crap I was putting into my mouth!! EWE!!!

Just from that book alone I will not eat meat again! But Im a picky eater and Im one of those girls who are afraid to try something new.

My husband and I decided it was time to check out our local health food store. They had some awesome foods in the deli section! I got this great apple salad with veganaise (sp) OMG that was sooo good! And I got a hummas wrap! A little dry but still really good! But that was the first time I tried hummas.

But I still need help with ideas on good veggie burgers, pasta salads. anything! Ive been craming tons of veggies (raw) down my mouth, which I have found that organic carrots are so much sweeter and better tasting than the regular kind. I cant even eat the non organic kind, they are so gross!

I just made granola with all natural ingredients.

We ended up spending a ton at this health food store but to me its a start. Im getting somewhere.

But is it normal and healthy to just snack all day instead of eating big meals? I have found myself just eating carrots, fruits, celery, granola, bread, pasta all day but not a lot, just snack size.

Im not a breakfast eater either. Never have been. But around lunch time is when the snacking starts.

Also since Ive decided to improve my life and hopfully my kids Ive also decided its time to quit smoking! Which also means no more coffee for me since its a trigger. Any suggestions on good teas would be great!

Ok I believe this is enough for now. I think I just wrote a novel!

Im so glad to find this place so that I can improve my life with lots of help
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Welcome to VB!! Regarding the whole smoking issue I would recommend reading The Easy Way to Quit Smoking by Allen Carr! I personally know 4 people who've read the book and quit without a problem!! Also, check out the Quit Smoking thread in the General Health Forum!! Glad to have you here!! Look forward to seein' ya around!! Peace & Love!!
Hi and welcome , you seem to getting through the transition o/k .....any questions , just post
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Thanks for all the warm welcomes! It has now been 10 days since Ive had any meat. Getting a little ancy about it all but still going strong!
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