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Hi everyone I have just found this forum and thought I would join.

My name is Nicole and I am 15 and have been a Vegetarian for almost 10 months now.I live in SO.CAL.

My parents at first thought I would get over it but they now relize that I am going to be vegetarian for the rest of my life and there is no changing that no matter what they say. So now they buy my all my veggie products. My favorites are the Boca,MorningStar and GardenBurger brands.

If we are going out to eat they always make sure before hand that there will be something on the menu that I can eat. So im really glad about that.

I decided to become a vegetarian because I felt guilty everytime I ate meat and thought about the poor animal that probably had a family and had to die just so I can eat it.

Im a huge animal lover and have quite a mini zoo.

1 Rabbit (Holland Lop)

4 Cats (Mixes)

4 Dogs (Boston Terriers)

5 Hamsters (Syrians)

4 Turtles (Two Russian tortises and two red eared sliders)

5 Hermit Crabs

10 Guinea Pigs

I am a big believer in getting your animals neutered,Our dogs are neutered/spayed. Cats are all neutered/spayed. Heck even our Male guinea pigs are neutered and happily living with the girls.

So anyway sorry for the long post

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Hey Nicole! Welcome to VB!
I'm in SoCal also! And that's quite a menagerie you have there. I have "only" two cats.

It's great that your family is supportive of your diet. Believe me, that makes a BIG difference when you're trying to be a vegetarian.

Have you discovered VB's Teen Forum yet?
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