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Hey VB'ers,

After a year of absence, I'm back.

I left VB just over a year ago because I felt more supported in my vegetarianism by meat-eaters in the outside world than I did here in these boards. I've decided to come back, however, because I know that on the whole, VB is a friendly, helpful community and I'd like to be a part of it again if you'll have me

Saying that, I'll re-introduce myself:

My name is Erin (aka Iceflower) and I am 20 years old. I rarely ate meat growing up, and am now an ovo-lacto vegetarian. I havent eaten meat since 1999, and during this time, I also spent 3 years as a vegan.

I now live in country town called Bathurst, west of Sydney, Australia. I live with my beautiful boyfriend, who while a meat eater, is totally supportive of my choices and happily eats my veggie cooking. And, despite despising tattoo, has come around to my three year old 'vegetarian' tattoo because he knows it has meaning to me.

I spent the most of 2006 year living with a friend (after moving out of home for the for the first time) while I studied teaching at the university here. I spent holidays back home in Sydney with my parents while I earnt money in casual fast food job (which caused the controversy my leaving revolved around). I have now left university and my previous job, and am now working fulltime in childcare (daycare) and I absolutely love it. I feel really happy and healthy at the moment, and this has spurred me to be a bit more active in my vegetarianism - I want to swap recipes, help newbies and be part of the veggie community again.

So... hello all

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IS abstainance and absence the same thing ?
and to abstain from VB every so often (every other year or so:S
) is good for your health, yah!!!! Seriously people do leave for that long.... as is evident with you, but that was like I say probably a blessing or something, even if your support was coming from meat-eaters during which.....but no quibble I guess....

Lets word it up: I think "Abstainance AND absence" go hand in hand.

Iceflower, what is ice about your flower, is it icey blue? (its in the imagination of course, for us not in the know).... so anyway, HI!!!! yes I remember you, Nice to see you not only to pop your head above the parapit, but also actively to pursue being more vegetarian- ovo-lacto or otherwise, whatever the deal is.... Welcome hither back!!!!
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