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New here, from Newmarket, On. Been veg for 3 mth and vegan for 2. I'm 28 years old, married etc....

Never really thought seriously about vegetairnism in my life. I flipped through a book once. A few months ago, I watched a documentary, "The Corperation". It had a part about factory farming. I cried when I saw that and couldn't sleep that night. I woke up in the morning and told my hubby that I would never eat meat again.

I started researching like a mad woman and only bought organic dairy for a month and have been vegan since. I am also about 70% organic. First time in my life I have made such an extreme choice, so my fam and friends think. I have seen my doctor and she didn't feel that I need supplements, I also had some blood tests done to be sure. I also lost 5 pounds!!!!

Never felt healthier in my life!!!!!

Thanks for takin a peak....
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