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just wanted to say hi & introduce myself, i've been vegan for about 3 months & vegi for a year + before that. i'm currenly living in ohio with my fiance ( new to being vegi & i'm oh so proud of him) & 3 beautifully wonderful cats.

i'm into the grateful dead, donovan, widespread panic, & the whole jamband scene, although i must admit sometimes my tastes do tend to get a little strange at times ( i've been known to listen to a bit of tom jones & nancy sinatra).

i first heard about being vegan at rainbow gatherings and allways thought it seemed to extreem, proud to say i finally switched over & it was the easiest & best thing i've ever done.

anyway i'm a seastress and try to make most of my own clothes .

so, well thats me ... great to be here.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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