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Hey everyone! :)

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Hey everyone!

My name is Tom - I was vegetarian for 2 years and then about 6 months ago I transformed into a vegan lifestyle.

I live in the United Kingdom - currently base myself in Buckinghamshire.

Since going vegan I found that my motivations weren't just about the animals, but also for the environment. It's really changed my life - and for the better!

I recently had to put myself on long-term leave from my regular full-time job in the international freight industry due to suddenly going deaf in one ear.
Because of this I, only a week ago, decided I was going to do something productive with my time instead of sitting around idly.

I noticed that finding vegan clothing made ethically, with organic materials and powered by green energy was basically impossible... so I just finished launching my vegan apparel brand 'Powered By Plants'. It's been a great motivator for me and hopefully I can make something of it.

A bit more about me... single man, going through a divorce, suicide survivor, surfer, animal lover, gin lover.

Feel free to ask me any questions, and I look forward to getting to know you all soon. :)

Peace and love,


PS. If you want to check out some of my designs head on over the Powered By Plants Instagram account:
Let me know what you think :nerd:
The store itself is here if you like any of the designs:
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