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Pasta (I use spiral wholemeal).<br><br>
Soy Sauce (I use <b>Kikkomans</b> (not the 'less salt' version!!).<br><br>
Oil (Sesame, Olive, Canola.... your choice).<br><br>
Sesame Seeds.<br><br>
Minced Garlic.<br><br>
Shallots (the long, thin white/green onions).<br><br>
Dried Herbs (I use Italian/pizza type herbs, like Oregano etc.).<br><br>
Pasta Sauce of choice (I usually use <b>Paul Newman's 'Socarooni'</b>).<br><br><br><br>
Cook pasta how you like it.<br><br>
While doing the Pasta, heat some soy sauce and oil in a pot.<br><br>
Start to add cooked Pasta a bit at a time.... add a bit, and stir it around. What you want is to get every bit of Pasta coated in the heated oil and soy sauce.<br><br>
Then sprinkle sesame seeds, minced garlic, chopped (fine or not) shallots, and some of the herbs.<br><br>
Stir thoroughly while gently heating.<br><br>
(This will emit such a WONDERFUL smell. ALSO, you can stop at this stage and use just this pasta meal without sauce; it's just as good.)<br><br>
While doing this heat the pasta sauce (use whatever amount is desired; sometimes I use a little, sometimes a lot).<br><br>
Once heated enough, pour into the pot over the pasta and stir.<br><br><br><br>
This can be eaten hot or cold (including the sauceless pasta version).<br><br><br><br>
It's nice to try and almost fry the Pasta in the soy sauce and oil... if done correctly it may be a little crispy (some of it). You really just need to experiment (that's why I have given no measurements or times).
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