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Hay hello this is gerge john I have a pain of head I dont now what it is a headache or just pain but it is only one side of the head and Most of the time the pain of a headache can be felt in the temple area or behind one of the eyes or ears.<br><br>
Headache can occur as often as once or twice a week. I have this headache affect between the ages of 15 and 19 but I have now 30 years old. The headache is attack now also any time when it comes it will be leave max 4 weeks some body says it is a Migraine headache but other says it is tension headaches and also some of other says cluster headaches then I totally confused<br><br>
I also read where ulcers can cause some migraines. I think I have an ulcer because I am sick to my stomach often. I took ibuprofen a lot for. Ibuprofen is known to cause ulcers.<br><br>
Then I want go to consult doctor who are related to head pain but doctor are just giving me a medicine but these medicine are worked when those are closed but can not cure permanently<br><br>
One day I have gone to my relation marriage in that marriage I have very much headache one side of the head then my friend will be told me a herbal and natural treatment is batter for your headache you go to consult mr.dr.jhonson then I meet herbal specialist dr.jhonson in new York when I meet him after two day I have just relaxed from headache go on taking an treatment from him the headache is completely cured and now I am 45 years old I have happy and very much healthy if you have a head ache please contact <a href="" target="_blank">dr.jhonson</a> in New York he is a herbal and natural expert and <a href="" target="_blank">treating only herbal supplements</a>
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