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Well hopefully you've both learned some lessons from this:

1) Learn to say no.

2) Get EVERYTHING in writing.

Sucks to have to learn things the hard way--doesn't help that the studio were such dicks about it too.

If you want to take this thing further, you could gather up all the receipts from all the equipment your husband bought, contact a lawyer and attempt to recoup your expenses via a civil suit. Since you have no documentation proving anything, it could be difficult (and expensive). Not to mention, put more strain on the relationship between you & the studio.

My dad is just like your husband, and I, unfortunately, inherited his tendency to allow myself to be taken advantage of. I used to watch my dad bend over backwards for everyone, to his own detriment.

I had a roommate that ended up costing me thousands of dollars, and my college degree, because I was too timid to stand up for myself. I finally got fed up.

Never again. I learned to be assertive about MY needs, and so does your husband. There might not be anything you can do about this particular situation, except to make sure it doesn't happen again (and that your daughter isn't learning the same lessons I learned from my father).
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