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If you still live with your parents I would tell them, because I presume they buy the food.

If I had never told my mother I'd be in a horrible position right now considering I need her to understand what I will and will not eat so she knows what she can and cannot buy when she goes shopping for me.

This is very important. She also knows which vitamins I need so she can make sure I have those as well. She has also been experimenting on the stove and helping me to find recipes that are delicious and nutritious, she has even been making her own personal vegan marinades that she uses to make Portabello Burgers.

It was easier to tell her. Be dedicated.

Because of the way I am she knew I was dead serious and so she immediately caved and helped me. She knew that I was putting my mind to this and it didn't matter if she didn't buy me food, because I just wouldn't eat if nothing was available to me.

Let them know how serious you are by presenting important information and don't back down. If you can't buy your own food and you are still living with your parents and being supported by them then it's going to be easier for you to just tell them.
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